Justin Fredette – Mental Skills

Justine Fredette comes from a background of elite athletics. From her experience and understanding of what it takes to be in high performing spaces, she dedicates her career to finding the human behind the performance. Whether it’s working with individuals in high pressure careers, elite athletes, or teams, Justine takes a holistic approach to elevating one’s performance and humanity. By drawing from multiple modalities, Justine helps create and design a road map for change for each client, ditching the one size fits all mentality. She also makes it a priority to make the daunting task of change into a realistic and sustainable reality. With her education in psychology and counselling, Justine strives to help you reach your goals in both your humanity and performance. Through her passion for this industry, Justine brings her all to any project, no matter how big or small. She applies her work ethic, leadership, and focus to help bring any collaboration to life.